Unity Has Left me Divided

Recently I took on the challenge to learn more about Unity 3D. This program is used to make a variety of games, virtual reality simulations and more. When learning about the software I instantly thought of ‘The Sims.’ I often played this game on my family desktop as a child and even have a Mac version for my computer now. I was excited to see … Continue reading Unity Has Left me Divided

Snapchat’s Skeptical Spectacles

Technology is consistently on the operating table birthing new inventions day in and day out. While technology has helped boost parts of a variety of fields I would like to focus on one piece of technology that has changed the way we see (pun intended) our media. Snapchat introduced the Spectacle glasses in September of 2016 just 5 years after their release of the app. … Continue reading Snapchat’s Skeptical Spectacles

New Adventures, New Formulas

What a fun filled weekend I had while attending Newhouse’s 2019 Spring Immersion in Syracuse, NY. This was my first time actually visiting the school that I’ve been enrolled in since July, and the campus did not disappoint. The streets are cloaked with historical architecture that invites you into its doors with a wonder of each buildings story. Locals, tourists, and students all embrace the Syracuse … Continue reading New Adventures, New Formulas

Social Media meets Social Issues and Opinion

What a time to be alive. We are able to use our platforms to spread news, information and opinion. But what happens when our facts are wrong or our opinions are skewed? And also what happens when we have a huge following who hangs at the thread of our every word? Singer R. Kelly who has faced years of scandal and controversy recently was put … Continue reading Social Media meets Social Issues and Opinion

Young and the Millennial

A blog I regularly read and follow is YoungandtheMillennial.com, which focuses on career, family and lifestyle. This blog began just a few months ago by Hannah Reese, a mother, a millennial and a motivator. I was immediately attracted to the website as the layout was not small and did not cover up only the center of the page as most layouts do, especially on WordPress. … Continue reading Young and the Millennial

Lawrence is Back #Insecure

The newest episode of Insecure has made it’s way to our screens and let’s just say not one mouth was left closed this week. With jaws dropping to the floor we will be sending Insecure writers our doctor bills. Issa Rae announced just two month ago that actor Jay Ellis who plays Lawrence, her ex-lover would not be returning this season. Actress and Producer Issa … Continue reading Lawrence is Back #Insecure