Emerging Technology in my Career

Growing up, excitement filled the room when our class would hear the screeching of a rolling television stand echoing in the hallway. We’d move in our seats impatiently waiting to watch ‘Zoom’ a PBS science show, ‘Bill Nye the science guy,’ and other iconic childhood staple shows. From there our teacher would incorporate a lesson using the same tools used in the television episode, which we looked forward to as well. We lived for those moments.

As I got older that same excitement came when we had now upgraded from watching the television shows to using the computers. Using the computers came with a price.. which was excruciating hours learning how to type. But did we torture our fragile fingers to complete the task, if that meant playing on the computer? Oh yes, yes we did. We’d get chances to not only play educational math and reading games such as ‘The Clue Finders,’ ‘Arthur,’ and ‘Reader Rabbit,’ but we also took our Accelerated reading tests on the computers.

Accelerated Reading was encouraged citywide as it encouraged reading books out the school library and competing with your peers to read the most books and correctly answer the comprehension questions. For me, this was a big deal… I can even remember how the blood boiled in me as I walked to the computer each time prepared to take the winning title for our school. (Sidebar I received 3rd place and til’ this day I still cringe knowing that the two boys who beat me were able to score top points by reading Harry Potter while I was not allowed.) Darn you Harvey McMurray (2nd Place) and he who had the ability to “scan read,” and who shall not be named (1st place.) But I digress.

By highschool and college the dependency for our teacher or parent to give us access to a television and computer was obsolete. We’d now had access to all of it on our cellphones. Gradually we upgraded from our Motorola Razors, Blackberry’s, Nokia 3310’s, and T-Mobile Sidekicks and either added an iPod to our technology or began getting smartphones.

Within a matter of 10 years technology has change tremendously. If I was to explain to my brother that when I was his age we were still checking our Myspace and Facebook on the computer and had never heard of Snapchat and Instagram he’d be sick.

Now feeling like I have lived in the “black and white times,” and “stone age,” I must question where exactly do I see my future career while merging technology in the future?


With drones taking over the airwaves I see this technology being more prominent in my line of work as a media consultant. I strive to one day be able to offer drone services for weddings, events and client social media commercials.

The Sling Studio

I’ve been eying the sling studio for the past year and I hope to one day be able to invest in it, as well as in the bluetooth cameras needed to run the software. The sling studio is able to record and livestream videos from multiple bluetooth devices such as drones, tablets, phones and cameras. As a media consultant imagine how personable I could make a video by providing different angles as well as how much time I could save by editing on site.

3D and Photogrammetry

As an artist I have recently enjoyed incorporating a 3D look and textured aspect to my art and canvases. I could see 3D applications such as Capture and Qlone being helpful when displaying my work online for customers to purchase. The 3D view would assist in showing a true depiction, and emphasize the textures on the canvas.

Wrapping it Up

These are just a few ways in which I could see emerging technology taking my own career by storm. But, as the time changes and the days continue I am sure there will be a plethora of different tools and technology that will be engrained into my everyday use. And, I am sure I will sqirm in my chair with excitement just I’d done for our classroom tv, school computers, old school cell phones, and smartphones.

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