In this world of media I am a strong believer that you cannot do this on your own. Honestly, not just for media but also for any career path. I have always enjoyed seeing black females sore in media and a lot of my friends are apart of this arena. During my time at Bennett College, which is an oasis for African American women I studied Journalism and Media studies. With the intimate class spaces, the Black female was celebrated, nurtured, respected and honored. Very quickly my entire world consisted of delving into strong focuses of Black women and the media platforms we have begun to thrive in.


I have continued to follow and support these ladies as I am truly an excited fan. Beyond just those Bennett Belle sisters I have continued to find and support even more ladies who are literally on their grind.

Today, I’d like to shout those ladies out. They’re a few black women in media who are not letting up this month and I am proud to know them, love their work and can’t wait for what is in store.

Screen Shot 2019-05-28 at 10.41.42 AM.png

Lydia T. Blanco is described by #BlackEnterprise as a “proud Afro-Latinx digital-first multimedia journalist with a strong passion for truthful storytelling, photography and creative content strategy.” I am proud to call Lydia a sister, a soror, and a mentor. Her energy is larger than life. Her presence commands a room as it overflows with positivity, love and light. I recently got to sit down with Lydia and our sister Shanima Parker to talk about the importance of Black woman in media. Lydia who is no stranger in front or behind a camera or microphone graciously gave tips on making it in the industry. Her versatile background gave me hope that it is okay to delve into different categories. I don’t just have to be a photographer, or just a writer, or just an editor. She’s proven that it’s possible to do it all. Recently Lydia has landed some major interviews and even landed on the magazine cover of The Prevailing Woman. The stillness and assertiveness that Lydia embodies is something that has stood out to me. It’s almost as if she doesn’t fear anything, and when you think about that… it makes you remember there is nothing to fear. Through Lydia’s post I have also been reminded to move in silence. Lydia is grinding non-stop in the media world and doesn’t post her every move. Then boom she’ll announce that she’s interviewing big names such as Jemele Hill, headed to Nigeria, or speaking to 1,500 women at the Women of Power Summit. Through this, Lydia reminds me to stay humble, stay focused and to move strategically. I love it. Thank you, and you go Lydia!

Screen Shot 2019-05-28 at 10.18.24 AM.png
For starters Meaghan McKinley who resides in Los Angeles, California just relaunched her website! Here she focuses on blogging about L.A, Lifestyle and Beauty. What I love about Meaghan is that homegirl literally picked up one day and headed to Cali to pursue her career as an actress, model, influencer and creative. She’s done a great job with not being one dimensional, because seriously… we all have layers to us! She has embraced that she is multitalented and has successfully branded herself as such! Meag and I have spoken about taking that leap of faith and moving across the country from North Carolina to California. Do you know how bold and strong you have to be to move so far from home and pursue your dreams? That resilience alone makes me excited for what’s next for her! Go Meag!
Website: MeaghanMcKinley.com
Instagram: @themeaghanmckinley
YouTube: GlamGirlMeag

Screen Shot 2019-05-28 at 10.21.13 AM
Ke’Arra Kelly is bossin’ as a 20’s something in media! She just recently announced that she is an author! Honey! A whole book is on the way and I can’t wait to preorder mine! Ke’Arra and I attended Bennett College where we both studied together. I saw how hard she worked, and how serious and meticulous she was when working on her craft. I witnessed her building her brand from the ground up and even upon graduating staying focused on her goals. That alone deserves notoriety as it is incredibly easy to fall behind upon graduating when calls aren’t coming in for jobs, or life and bills demand some sort of income, and quick.

Her book is entitled Bossin’ Up: Snatching Back my Power Through God’s Process. What I like about this title is that is perfectly sums up my transition within the past year as I had to learn to follow His steps rather than my own. I can’t wait to peel back these pages and delve into Ke’Arra’s story. I am so incredibly proud of you. The patience and concentration you have to write an entire book is amazing. The courage to share your story with the world is a boss move within itself. Go Ke!

Website: http://www.bossinher20s.com
Instagram: @SweetkeArra
Twitter: @SweetKeArra
Screen Shot 2019-05-28 at 10.27.30 AM.png

So for all my #BlackGirlsIn Media I thank you for all your hard work. Through pursuing your dreams you are reminding us that:

1) We Can.
2) We Will.
3) We Must.
4) It’s worth it.


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